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Want to know a little bit of the gal behind this blog? You came to the right place~

My name is Cady and I love American Girl and many more things, I first discovered it in 2011 and my little collection started off with Rebecca Rubin whom I got for Christmas in 2012. Currently I own five Ag dolls and a few minis, I also own Monster High and My Little Ponies, so don’t freak out if you see one every once in a while! I’m in a bunch of fandoms too, and that got passed down to my doll Molly who I bought before she retired (Same with Emily). I’m a high school senior who loves sports, the outdoors, writing stories, and photography.

And this blog’s got plenty of it.

~ Photography and being outdoors is practically my life!

~ Agsmiless, Basilmentos and MixiePixie are the best agtubers in my opinion

~I have an instagram! https://www.instagram.com/anaveragegirlslife/

~ I read practically every day

~I hope to make a career out my photography and videos as an online creator

Don’t be afraid to say hello!