About the Dolls



Rebecca Isabelle Rubin

Age: 14

Birthday: April 4th

Personality: Since she is the oldest doll, Rebecca tends to be the more mature one but still knows how to be fun. She loves to be the star of the show and watching movies with her other sisters, when she’s not acting she is usually reading a new book or taking pictures.

Fun Fact: I got her Christmas of 2012, she is my first Ag doll



Molly Anna McIntire

Age: 12

Birthday: July 7th

Personality: This girl looks sweet and innocent, but shes not. Molly is the prankster of the house, she loves to be outside doing something like riding her skateboard or hanging with her friends. She also loves anything sci-fi (Doctor Who) and anime, this girl is always doing something.

Fun Fact: This photo of her was not edited at all, pure luck and lighting!




Emily Rose Bennet

Age: 10

Birthday: September 6th

Personality: Emily is the sweet baby of the family, she is always lending a helping hand or stomping the fights between her siblings. She loves drawing and spends half of her time drawing and the rest hanging around Molly. Some say that behind Emily’s shy and cute side is really the face of Molly’s partner in crime.

Fun Fact: I bought Molly and Emily together before they retired, no regrets!




AnnaBeth Chase B

Age: 13

Birthday: November 2nd

Personality: AnnaBeth loves Greek gods and reading, she is practically a wiki for that subject. While she looks like the type that is a diva, she’s half and half, she loves doing her hair and buying clothes. She also loves pranking with Molly and playing sports.

Fun Fact: She never takes off her necklace, some say it’s magic but who knows.


Dean Daniel-Samual Everett

Age: 11

Birthday: April 22nd

Personality: Dean is quiet when you first meet him, but once you get to know him he is a crazy fun guy. He loves banging on his drum set while his sister Molly rocks on guitar, he loves being around his sisters, but also going on walks and riding his skateboard. He is a pretty calm and collected guy.

Fun fact: He loves acting and putting on plays with Rebecca