Spring is Near!!

YAY SPRING IS NEAR! Now don’t get me wrong, winter is fun with the snow and holidays… Spring though means warm weather, rain, flowers, more chances to go outside with a camera and a doll (then never coming inside XD ).


To keep this post interesting I’ll put in these old photos I took in the warm weather last year!

I have a bunch of plans for when it’s spring/summer! I’m so excited because I’ll have more time too because that means spring break, random days off of school, and summer break. I really want to start up a camp project on here too inspired from a few blogs, it will run for about two weeks and on and off I will show what the other dolls are doing at home.


And some other exciting news is that my basketball season is now over! So now after school I can go out and take more pictures for you guys, because the more photo shoots the better 😉


Once the grass is green and the flowers bloom, the better the photo shoots will be! I’m really excited for spring I cannot wait!


I hope you guys are too and having a good weekend, I’ll see you later with a photo story! Let me know in the comments what you guys can’t wait for, and how your gonna spend spring, I love hearing from you all!

See ya next time!



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