Happy 2017!

Whew it’s the new year! For most people 2016 will be known as the worst year, so bad it might not even make it into the history books!

Professor: We are done with 2015 let’s move onto 2017…

Student: Wait what about 2016?

Professor: Billy, we do not speak of that year.

My point made… So did you guys have a good year? What were your favorite points? I think mine were starting this blog, making new friends, getting into basketball, and the pleasure of meeting all of you! You guys have been the highlight of my year and I thank you for that, thank you for reading my small blog and I hope to meet more of you next year, *throws candy hearts everywhere* I’m sending love your way 😀 ❤


From my dolls to yours, we wish you a happy new year! Start a resolution list, make a new friend, do what you want! The year is yours! Thanks for watching my 2016 adventures, I’ll see you ‘next year’ 😉

~Cady and the dolls~


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