Molly got a little tied up

Hello there! Judging by the title, I think we shouldn’t leave Molly alone with the tree…


Molly what did you do?!


How did you get tied up? I was in the kitchen and the others are out shopping!


I guess I got a little ‘tied up’ at the moment Becca!

“You did this just for the pun didn’t you”

Yes, yes I did and it was worth it.


Good going girls, but how did Molly tie herself up? :/ I guess that’s something we’ll never know! Anyway I’m entering the contest on American Girl Fan and one of these pictures is it! So I thought I’d share the other pictures and this little skit came to mind 😉 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I finally found my tree angel and put it up! So some exciting news for you all, I passed my finals and Christmas break  for me starts Wednesday!!! I can’t wait because there is no sports practice after school, no homework, and I get to post more on my blog!


No school for two and a half weeks sounds pretty good for a bunch of posts I have planned 😉

I have a special Christmas post I’m working on, and since Rebecca celebrates Hanukkah, I have a post featuring her coming up the first day which falls on Dec. 24th! This month has been going pretty well so far! I’m excited for the holidays and the posts I have planned. I hope you guys are too because I have a post coming on Wednesday for you all especially, so keep an eye out!


Well that’s all I have for you all today, I hope school gets out for you all fast! You all need a break to relax 🙂 Keep an eye out Wednesday for that post!

And I’ll see you next time




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