B2S Q and A!

Hey people of the internet! Welcome to our last event, the Q and A! Cady will answer the questions, Molly and I will be the amazing models for pictures and ask the questions.


Yay for better photos!

First question is

  • How do you save up money for your dolls?

I used the money I made while working! You can make money by helping parents with chores, walking someones dogs, or taking care of someones garden for them!

  • Which doll is your look alike?


My look alike is Rebecca Rubin! She’s the doll that stood out the most to me too 😉

  • When did you get your first doll?

Rebecca was my first doll, I got her as a present for Christmas 2012, have loved her since that day!

  • How did you get into American Girl?

My mom got an American Girl catalog in the mail one day in 2011, so I started to flip through it and I loved how cute the dolls were, especially the historical ones! We went to an Ag store and I saw them in real life. Bam! That’s when my obsession started.


  • Does anyone at school pick on you for liking dolls?

Nope, I told my friends at school about them and it turns out they love American Girl too! So we now can collab with each other and take photos by the dozen. If you are being teased about liking dolls then don’t worry, you don’t need them in your life, it’s your life you do what you want! Even if your hobby is playing and taking pictures of dolls!

  • Who’s your favorite GOTY?

Kanani from 2011, she is so pretty! I love her hair and her collection so much!


  • Do you have any more on your wish list?

Yes I do, I would love to get a Sonali doll someday, She is one of my favorite retired dolls! 🙂

  • How many of the girls play sports or dance?

I for one love sports, and of course that got passed down to my dolls! Emily is trying out for ballet and Molly plays soccer and basketball.

Episode 6 (7)

  • Would you ever do a custom?

Maybe! Like for a summer project or just for fun, I’d love to make a green eyed doll with freckles, and dip dyed blonde hair.

  • Favorite face mold?

Eh that’s a hard one, I can’t choose between classic and the Sonali mold!!!

  • Do you have a YouTube? Or want to start one?

No I don’t have a YouTube channel, but it would be fun to start one in the near future, so that’s a maybe!

  • What is your favorite thing to bake?

Brownies with Oreo cookie chunks baked into the mix!


  • Do you love me?

Haha! Of course I do, I love each and everyone of you! ❤


Aw no more questions! And also no more Back to School posts, today was my first day back and it went pretty well! I hope your first day went great!


The dolls and I had so much fun doing this! I think the Q and A was my favorite part because I got to talk to you guys and you get to know me better! This was so much fun and I hope to do something like this again soon, so my friends across the internet.. How was your day at school? Make any new friends? Let me know!

Love you lots and see you next time!

~Cady and the Dolls~


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