10 Followers! (yay)

Hello internet! I recently hit 10 followers yay! What a lovely week this has been, and I’m starting my back to school series in a few days, so I shall prepare for the first post starring Rebecca!


Also starring some little pictures of my budgie!


Besides what’s a blog post without pictures???

In October I’m going to start a Halloween photo-story starring Kacey and her dolls called ‘Doll Grave-yard’ April (Molly) loves to prank people, but when it gets too out of hand her friend Erin (Rebecca) comes up with the perfect revenge plan.

It’s going to star guest dolls like: Lea Clark, Saige Copeland, Caroline and many more, so I’m going to be busy in October 😉


Then I’ll just have some of the back to school posts featuring Molly the fangirl and her guide to the best book series.

This was just a nice random post telling you what to look forward too! So thanks again for 10 followers and 224 views ^.^

See ya next time!




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